Samsung keyboard found to have vulnerability, but Samsung is on it

It looks like Samsung has a security issue on its hands, but thankfully it isn’t that big of a deal. Now Secure claims that more than 600 million Samsung phones are at risk due to a vulnerability in the Samsung keyboard. Basically, a fake language pack can be downloaded instead of an official one if a hacker happened to already have compromised your network. But the chances of all that happening are quite low.

Thankfully, Samsung is on it. Samsung KNOX can (and often does) update the security policy, which will fix this exploit without the need for a system update. With all the hate KNOX gets from the root/ROM community, it proves its usefulness here. The update should be rolling out in a few days, so people with Samsung phones will soon be safe.

And if you’re worried about SwiftKey keyboard being affected since SwiftKey helped design the Samsung keyboard, SwiftKey has stated that its keyboards on both the Play Store and the App Store aren’t affected by this bug.

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