Samsung intros Galaxy S7 edge Olympic Games Limited Edition

After introducing the Galaxy S7 edge Injustice Edition back in May, Samsung today revealed another limited version of their current flagship.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Olympic Games Limited Edition (that’s a mouthful) is a special version of the GS7 edge for the upcoming Rio 2016 Olympic Games. What makes it special is its paint job, which utilizes the five colors of the Olympic rings. The body of the phone is black, the earpiece and home button accent are yellow, the power button is red, the volume buttons are green, and the camera housing and Olympic rings logo are blue.


The paint job isn’t the only part of the GS7 edge Olympic Games Limited Edition that’s special, though. Samsung is also decking the phone’s software out in Olympic style, giving it Rio 2016 Olympic Games-themed wallpapers and using the colors of the Olympic rings throughout the user interface, including the home and lock screens, the dialer, and the notification shade.


Samsung is giving this Galaxy S7 edge Olympic Games Limited Edition all 12,500 athletes that are competing in this year’s games. Those athletes will also be getting a pair of Samsung’s Gear IconX wireless earbuds.

The good news is that us non-competitors will be able to get one, too. Samsung says that it’s releasing 2,016 phones (clever, Samsung) in select countries, including Brazil, the U.S., China, Germany, and Korea. In the U.S., Best Buy will be the retailer offering this special GS7 edge.

So what do you think of this Galaxy S7 edge Olympic Games Limited Edition? Will you try to buy one of your own?

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