Samsung intros Galaxy Note 5 Winter Edition with 128GB of built-in storage

Because the Galaxy Note 5 has no microSD slot, it’s important to buy the model with the right amount of storage for your needs. Most of us can only choose between 32GB and 64GB, but some folks will soon have a third option.

Samsung today revealed the Galaxy Note 5 Winter Edition, a special version of the Note 5 with one big new feature: It has 128GB of built-in storage, double the amount that other Note 5s top out at. One other small change between the Note 5 Winter Edition and the regular Note 5 is that the Samsung logo on the former’s backside is close to the bottom of the phone, while the latter has its Samsung logo near its rear camera.

The Galaxy Note 5 Winter Edition will be sold by South Korean carriers SK Telecom and KT. It’ll be sold in Silver Titanium and Gold Platinum colors, and it’ll carry a price tag of 999,900 won, or around $847 USD.

With past Galaxy Note phones, the amount of internal storage that your phone came with wasn’t a huge deal because you could always add more storage to your phone with a microSD slot. But the Note 5 lacks a microSD slot, so you really have to think about how much storage you’ll need when buying a Note 5. Getting a Note 5 with 128GB of built-in storage is huge, so hopefully Samsung will make the Note 5 Winter Edition — or some other 128GB variant of the device — available outside of South Korea.

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