Samsung introduces two new Bluetooth audio products in the Level series

Samsung has been pushing its Level series of audio accessories for the last year or so, with a set of headphones and some Bluetooth speakers going up for sale. And more products have been added recently to flesh out the lineup. Now two more products have been announced, and one of them piqued my interest.

The first product is a new set of wireless headphones, which are basically the original Level On headphones with Bluetooth added into the mix. It features six microphones for noise cancelling and will offer 11 hours of battery life with noise cancelling and 23 just streaming wirelessly. Not bad at all.

The second one is called the Level Link, which allows you to stream music to and from things that don’t originally feature Bluetooth. It can both transmit and receive Bluetooth audio using Bluetooth 3.0 with aptX Low Latency, and even supports sending audio to two Bluetooth devices. A suggested use case is to plug into your TV so you can use Bluetooth headphones, even with a friend. The battery life is rated at six hours of use and 200 hours standby. It’s very reminiscent of the HTC Stereoclip, though with more features and a bigger battery.

The prices for both the devices have not been announced, so you won’t know whether it’s worth buying until a later date. A release date is also absent. But the Level Link is definitely a nifty product. Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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