Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Olympic Games: Limited Edition Inspired By The Rio 2016 Olympics

samsung__galaxy_s7_edge_olympic_games_limited_edition_app0The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Olympic Games Limited Edition is a limited version of Samsung’s flagship phone inspired by the Rio 2016 Olympics.
Iron Man to Batman Batman and the Rio 2016 Olympics.

Samsung continues with the launch of limited editions of its flagship phone the Galaxy S7 Edge Olympic Games Limited Edition.

Like the Galaxy S7 Edge Injustice Edition, cell inspired Batman, the Olympic Games Edge S7 maintains excellent specifications that integrates Galaxy S7 Edge, including Exynos 8890 Snapdragon eight-core (or cores 820 US four .), 4GB of RAM, 12-megapixel rear camera and Android Marshmallow.

However, on the outside, Samsung has customized the Android phone with the representative colors of the Olympics Rio 2016, integrating green buttons volume, red power button, gold trim on the Start button, a blue border on the edge protector rear camera and flash module, like a golden tone on the handset.

In addition, in the back of Samsung he placed the logo of the Olympic games, including a customization interface Galaxy S7 Edge Olympic Games Limited Edition transmitted through the Home screen, lock screen, the app messaging, call , contacts, notifications and menus.

Also, the cell brings the app preinstalled Rio 2016 Olympic Games, like wallpapers and themes dedicated to this event. However, the 2016 Rio app is available free for users with other Android devices.


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