Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs Huawei Ascend Mate 7: Comparison Of Old Glories

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs Huawei Ascend Mate 7: Design
The Galaxy Note 4 and 7 were two big Mate phablets presented at the IFA in Berlin in September 2014. At that time assumed the spearhead in technology and design of both manufacturers. They have now given way to more current protagonist devices like the Note 5 to the Mate S, which have seen the light a year later paper.


Mate 7 reached the same screen size as the Nexus 6, also introduced in the same year days later. Note 4 The saga continued with the 5.7 inches that had already begun the Note 3 and has also come to Note 5, he has even risen to the Galaxy S range S6 + Edge.

The two terminals are bulky and although Mate 7 is slightly larger gives a slight feeling of lightness versus Note 4 because it is a little thinner and its frame is a little thinner. But the feeling of weight is not much different in hand although the terminal Huawei has 9 grams more.

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Mate 7 has a unibody aluminum body within which encloses the battery. Note 4 The only has the metal frame and instead has a plastic rear cover, which imitates leather to access the battery. The two terminals are supported to expand its memory with a microSD card, which in July Mate is inserted into a slot in Note 4 and removing the back.
In the front we see at the top a loudspeaker to call, surrounded by sensors on both devices. At the bottom differ more since the Samsung device has a physical home button also hides a fingerprint reader with two capacitive buttons while the Mate 7 only has the brand logo and navigation buttons are included on the screen.
At the rear chambers of the two terminals protrude somewhat. Under the same in Note 4, we can see the LED flash and the heart rate sensor. In the Mate 7 under the camera found the fingerprint sensor and flash has migrated to the left side of it.
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs Huawei Mate Ancend 7: Screen
As we have said the diagonals of its 0.3-inch display differ. The Note 4 has a size of 5.7 inches and the Mate June 7 inches. The relationship between screen surface and the terminal surface is tight in both devices, reducing everything possible side frames.


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