Samsung announces new line of UFS memory cards

Samsung’s new UFS memory in the Galaxy S7 is blazing fast, and the same speed will soon be coming to memory cards. The company has announced a new line of UFS memory cards.

These memory cards are many times faster than the UHS-1 microSD cards currently available. Samsung claims 5x faster sequential read performance, 20x higher random read performance, and 350x higher random write performance.

Unfortunately, there are no devices that support UFS memory cards. The pin layout on the back is entirely different from microSD, so these won’t work in older devices. Hopefully new devices like the Galaxy Note 7 will support UFS memory cards. Samsung hasn’t announced a release date for the cards, but without devices supporting the tech, a quick release isn’t important.

The UFS cards will come in 32GB all the way up to 256GB sizes and will likely be pretty pricey. But for those people shooting constant 4K or RAW images with a high megapixel DSLR, these will be perfect.

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