Samsung and Samsonite working on smart suitcases linked to your smartphone

With everything from wearables to kitchen appliances getting the smart treatment, it’s only a matter of time before even more mundane things get some fancy technology put into them. And now it seems the next step is smart luggage. Samsung and Samsonite have teamed up to create smart luggage, which will connect with your phone so you can check on it.

The luggage will have a GPS chip so you can track it between the plane and the carousel and it can let you know when you’ve strayed too far from it (or it has been moved away from you). There is also much more in store, with plans of self check-in luggage and even robot luggage in the future. Someday, Samsonite luggage might follow you around at six inches behind you so you don’t have to pull it along.

While the GPS-capable luggage is absolutely a possibility, the rest is set for the future. There are prototypes with motors to ride it around, but it takes up a third of the luggage space and weighs 20 kilograms alone. So we’ll have to wait for tag-along luggage and wait longer for luggage that doesn’t run into everything on its way. But it’s coming, so be prepared when luggage takes over the world.

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