Rumor: Samsung may re-introduce the microSD card slot with the Galaxy S7

Samsung received a lot of backlash from long-term fans over its decision to remove the microSD card slot in the company’s high-end smartphones released this year. Now, there’s a rumor claiming that Samsung might be mending its ways with its upcoming high-end smartphone.

According to the folks over at, Samsung will release two devices, theGalaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 edge, early next year. It is rumored that the Galaxy S7 will feature a 5.2-inch flat display and the Galaxy S7 edge will feature a 5.7-inch curved edge display. However, it seems that the S7 display will be curved on the top and the bottom.

More importantly, the blog states that Samsung might bring back the microSD card slot with these smartphones. This is similar to what we mentioned about the possibility of a microSD card slot in the Galaxy S7 in our exclusive story. If you are one of those who opposed the removal of microSD slot and a removable battery, would you be interested in the Galaxy S7 if this turns out to be true?

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