Reports of auto-rotation problems on Galaxy S6 edge models popping up online

Reports from more than a few new Samsung Galaxy S6 edge owners have begun to surface online alleging that auto-rotation issues on the device are widespread with no fix available right now.

Both Verizon and XDA forums have threads several pages long with Verizon and Sprint users complaining that after using their new Galaxy S6 edge for some time, auto-rotate stops working. Users have seen the problem persist across factory resets and multiple devices. According to one user, Samsung could not diagnose the problem and a customer service agent was unaware of any potential software fixes coming to device.

At this point, no one actually knows if the problem is related to software or not, but S6 edge users have found that the x axis of their sensor is indeed registering as stuck, leading some to believe the problem is related to hardware.

With the Galaxy S6 edge facing hardware shortages right now, users who are facing problems and are being told to go replace their device can’t at the moment. We’ll keep you posted with more information on this situation as it arises. For now, let us know if you bought a Galaxy S6 edge and if you’re having sensor problems in the comments below.

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