Replacement Galaxy Note 7 catches fire on flight, forces evacuation

Last month, Samsung shipped 500,000 replacement Galaxy Note 7 units to in the United States following a global recall of the flagship phablet. Unfortunately for Samsung, though, one of those replacement units reportedly caught fire and forced a flight to evacuate before it left the ground.

As reported by USA Today and The Verge, Brian Green picked up his replacement Galaxy Note 7 from an AT&T retail store on September 21. He says that his device had a green battery indicator his box has a black square printed on it, both of which would indicate that the handset was a replacement model and not one of the older and potentially dangerous units.

Galaxy Note 7 SW replacement

Green was boarding Southwest flight 944 from Louisville, Kentucky, to Baltimore, Maryland, when he powered down his Galaxy Note 7. He put the phone in his pocket, but quickly took it back out when he noticed it was smoking. He dropped it on the ground, and his colleague went back onto the plane to pick up some of his stuff as the plane was evacuated. Green says that the phone then caught fire, burned through the carpet, and even burned the subfloor of the plane as well.

According to Green, the Galaxy Note 7 was at 80 percent charge when he powered it down.

Green’s Galaxy Note 7 is in the possession of the Louisville Fire Department — and he’s switched to an iPhone 7.

Have you gotten your recalled Galaxy Note 7 replaced?

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