Remakes of games you would like to see in Android


The bomb fell at E3 as the meteorite serving logo for one of the most memorable deliveries of one of the most popular sagas in the history of video games: Final Fantasy VII remake will have a PS4 and later for X Box One .

Back to enjoy the history of Cloud, Tifa, Red XIII and Aeris with graphics, sound and cinematography that enable next-generation consoles is a gift from heaven, but the truth is that many expected to see this seventh installment of Android saga before too long. Square-Enix has released Android remakes of many of his classics like Chrono Trigger, Dragon Quest, or Secret of Mana, as well as much of the Final Fantasy series, reaching the sixth -the best delivery of the saga, and the announcement of the remake of the seventh installment for next-generation consoles leaves us with the question whether we will see on mobile platforms.

Although the list of clasicazos who have made ​​the leap to Android is important, there are still some who refuse to come to our phones and tablets. And while Final Fantasy VII may be one of the headliners, not far from the only one.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

The Adventures of Link and Zelda and their continuing struggle against Ganon is one of the main pillars of the history of video games. His third delivery, Super Nintendo, is considered one of the most memorable of the series but not reach the levels of quality of Ocarina of Time, perhaps the best game ever creators and their style of play can be adapted perfectly to a smartphone or tablet without the use of a command, and the ability to re-explore Hyrule and the Dark World is something that anyone who has done what you want to return to, and who should not be legally compelled to do so.

Much has been written in recent months about the relationship between Nintendo and mobile platforms with its recent announcement that it will launch games for Android and iOS , in addition denied rumors that its next console would work on the green android. In general all Japanese games company are extremely desired by users beyond Mario and Zelda: Metroid, Pokemon, Mario Kart, Smash Bros … Nintendo will not go through his prime, but Miyamoto has festered magic up by the ears for decades and stands childhood much of a generation. Android would welcome with open arms.

The Secret of Monkey Island242463-monkeyisland_1

If there is a genre that is well suited to tablets, that’s the adventure games, as demonstrated by Telltale, who has led a sort of revival of the genre. There was a time that the study that reigned in the point and click was LucasArts, during the eighties and nineties published a number of titles including Maniac Mansion, Day of the Tentacle, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis and perhaps its title most remembered : The Secret of Monkey Island.

Although technically you can enjoy these games thanks to ScummVM , no official adaptation. Yes we have recently seen the remake of a classic company Grim Fandango , but nothing else. Following the purchase of LucasArts, all these franchises are now in the hands of Disney, which has not yet announced what it intends to do with them. But come on, Mr. Disney, and COPIED Monkey Island Pirates of the Caribbean, would be nice to hicierais something with the original material. As it out for Android, for example.





Probably one of the best games made ​​strategy puts us squarely on a galactic conflict over control of a sector of the Milky Way in which three sides involved: human-the Terrans of all of life, the Zerg-a insectoide- highly advanced race and race-a humanoid Protoss tecnológicamente-. Since it was launched in 1999 p ew genre games have achieved tactical depth and complexity of this title .

No title is the only strategy that would like to see in Android, Command & Conquer Red Alert and subseries also deserve a place in Google Play, like Age of Empires. Like now that Microsoft has decided to launch their products on platforms that are not yours and we’re lucky we can put at the controls of Egypt, Rome and Greece to dominate the world.







Spain also has to be represented in this list. He launched by Pyro Studios in 1998 was one of the first national games that had an impact at international level , and we put in control of an allied command consists of different characters with different abilities as green beret, sniper, or spy we had to combining our mission mission to infiltrate Nazi bases with different objectives all aimed at touching noses Fürher arias in their attempt to dominate Europe.

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