Refurbished Moto 360 2nd Gen for half price on eBay

The second generation Moto 360 is a great smartwatch, but it’s almost a year old now. It’s getting time for Motorola to replace it, so it’s the perfect time for some sales to move the old stock.

An eBay seller has a great deal on a few models of the Moto 360. The 42mm model is available in men’s black with black leather and women’s rose gold with blush leather, priced at $159.99. The 46mm model is available in black with black metal and silver with cognac leather and is priced at $179.99.

Both prices are around half off the original prices, so you’re definitely getting a big deal. Just be warned that something new is likely around the corner: Motorola is already out of stock of the 46mm model. But for these prices, it’s hard to care.

Source: eBay (2)
Via: Android Police

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