Qualcomm will reportedly use Samsung’s foundries to make the Snapdragon 820

A lot of different companies are linked to a single smartphone, despite the fact that when the phone lands on store shelves, just a single logo usually finds its way onto the body. This is especially true with the parts that are installed under the hood. Qualcomm has typically relied on chip manufacturer TSMC to piece together the processors that get installed into many smartphones, but according to a new report that’s changing.

The report, which was published by Re/code, states that Qualcomm will skip using TSMC when it comes to the manufacturing of its next high-end chip, the Snapdragon 820. Instead, Qualcomm will reportedly turn to the resources of Samsung and its foundries. The report indicates that while Qualcomm wanted to use TSMC, the fact that the manufacturer is still utilizing a 20nm fabrication process, rather than 14nm which is needed for the Snapdragon 820, swayed their decision.

As a result, Samsung will be the company that lands the manufacturing deal for the Snapdragon 820. As for the chip itself, it’s expected to land in many high-end Android-based smartphones sometime in early 2016, and should use Qualcomm’s own 64-bit cores to alleviate any issues with overheating.

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