Qualcomm announces Quick Charge 4+, a mildly improved quick charging system

Qualcomm’s Quick Charge is currently the most popular quick charging system to be included on modern Qualcomm-powered devices, as well as a system that breaks USB Type-C specifications. While USB Power Delivery is a standardized way of quickly charging a device while complying with USB spec, Quick Charge is a lot more popular right now.

The company has announced an update to the current Quick Charge 4 system called Quick Charge 4+. It’s simply three changes over the older version: Dual Charge, Intelligent Thermal Balancing, and Advanced Safety Features.

Dual charge is a second power management IC for power to flow through two lines, meaning each handles less current and heat. Intelligent thermal balancing will balance the current between the two lines so current flows through the coolest path. Advanced safety features monitor the temperature both at the case and the connector to prevent overheating.

The changes aren’t big, but Qualcomm claims that it has resulted in 15% faster charge times and a 30% better efficiency. The first device to support it is the ZTE nubia Z17.

Quick charging is a great technology and makes managing your battery life easier, so a new version is always appreciated. A 15% bump in charging speed won’t make a huge difference, but with phones getting more powerful and batteries not growing all that much, every bit counts.

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