Popular game Threes now has a free, ad-supported version

If for some crazy reason you still haven’t plunked down the measly $2.99 for what is quite possibly the best puzzle game to ever come to Android, we have some great news for you. A free, ad-supported of Threes has launched today that brings you all the goodness of the original game with minimal interruptions.

While the gameplay in Threes is fantastic, the game manages to stand above imitators with its great design and audio. Even during the most frustrating matches, it’s hard to stay mad when Threes looks so good and is so much fun to play.

While $2.99 is practically nothing for what amounts to an infinitely repayable puzzle game (I have played over 2,500 games myself), launching a free version of Threes is sure to not only give the game a boom in downloads, but will hopefully add to purchases as well. To download the free version of Threes, follow the source link.

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