Photos of prototype Samsung Galaxy Note 7 leak

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is coming soon, with less than a month until the expected August 2 announcement. And the closer we get to the announcement date, the more detailed leaks we will be getting. It’s tradition, after all.

The newest leak includes photos of a prototype Galaxy Note 7. The images are relatively clear and give us a good look at the extra sensor up top, said to be an iris scanner that will be a much improved security measure over fingerprint readers.

The device is definitely looking good, especially in this deep black color. It also supports the rumor that there won’t be a flat version. This is just a prototype, so some small tweaks might be made between now and the announcement, but this is a good look at what we might get. Leave your thoughts down in the comments!

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 prototype leak 1
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 prototype leak 2
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 prototype leak 3
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 prototype leak 4

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