Photographer Android (XVI): What is the RAW and what it does?

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Hello everyone, and welcome once again to the photography section of The Free Android where little tricks and techniques that can improve the pictures you take with your device we explain: Welcome to a new edition of Android photographer .

This week we want to get more technical, we have been taking advantage of developments in the field of Android, and talk about a subject which is on the agenda: explain in detail what are the RAW photographs, and why it is so important to arrive with Lollipop. Also, today we talk about Google Photos, alternative to store your photos in the cloud and organizing is fashionable thanks to its upgrade.

Tip No. 16: Quality file imports

When you take a picture with your Android, the file goes through several processes until it ends at your gallery, all automatic , in order to get the best possible version of the photo. This means that your Android makes things like driving the white balance or reduce noise, among many others, without you having to worry about anything, and all information is left is removed during compression.

So as a JPEG file is generated , the format of pictures to which we are accustomed, and that gives results in a picture processed with a reduced weight. The problem is that processing is the work of algorithms telephone, and may not like or failing to take full potential of our picture at times: this is where the enteringRAW, a format in which no information of is not ruled out photograph , and that gives us a picture that we can process it for ourselves.

It is likely that your Android and process photographs well, but there is always that time in which the algorithm will not do well, or just want tinkering with our picture to get its full potential: for all that a DNG file(a lossless format Free quality, the usual Android) is much better than a JPEG (a format with compression and loss of quality), because it contains more information and allows us to get more out of photography. Of course, one file of a digital reflex you do not expect, because we continue playing with the limitations of having a smartphone or tablet camera.


Diagram explaining the difference between shooting RAW and JPEG shooting

To take DNG files with your Android, you need to meet certain requirements :

  • That your Android device has hardware compatible with this possibility
  • Having Lollipop on your Android device
  • A camera app to save the pictures in RAW format, or support the manufacturer with its own camera application

Knowing this, we now only allow us to know what programs provesar DNG file that we have obtained. There are many and here we will only mention some of the most popular, but you can try with any photo editing program: chances are you open smoothly. Also keep in mind that we need a computer with a good screen to take full advantage of a photograph, but RAWs editing files from Android itself is also possible.

Editors for Android

Editors Computer

App of the Week: Google Photos

With the Google I / O in place, we could not talk about another application: Google Photos has been updated with many new features , and is a very tempting option to upgrade to the Google cloud for two reasons.

The first reason is that we have unlimited storage of photos : provided they are 16MP maximum can upload all the pictures you want without worrying about the space. The second reason is that the organization is key, and Photos perfectly ordered our library without having to do anything . You can see all the details on the items that we have prepared about it.

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