Ouya may be purchased by Razer

Ouya was the first of its kind, an Android-based console that gained massive popularity in its Kickstarter phase. It raised $8.6 million, a new record for Kickstarter at the time, and promised to deliver so much. And to be fair, it delivered a lot of what was promised.

At release, it was a solid gaming console with games optimized for the TV, including exclusives. There were bugs, but they were worked out. The Kickstarter campaign was a bit of a mess, but the final product was decent. But it wasn’t what people thought it would be thanks to all the hype, and it failed in the US. When was the last time you heard the name Ouya?

But the idea lives on with Android TV and other consoles being released. None of them are particularly popular at the moment, but gaming company Razer may purchase Ouya to help its own Android console, the Razer Forge TV. Bringing on all those developers, games, and ideas might help the console take off.

Do you guys think that Android consoles still have any future? Or was the disappearance of the Ouya a sign that they will never succeed? Leave a comment!

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