OnePlus X finally gets official Marshmallow update

The Marshmallow update for the OnePlus X has taken quite a long time, while other OnePlus devices have received Marshmallow months ago. But after a beta community build seemed to have been successful, OnePlus is finally releasing the official update.

The OnePlus X’s update includes a new volume slider, customizable permissions, Doze mode, and a lot of system improvements and bug fixes. OnePlus has also added launcher upgrades, new OnePlus Music Player and Gallery apps, and the October security patches. Here’s a full changelog:

  • Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow upgrade
  • Launcher upgrades: New icon packs, Google search bar UI customization, new design of wallpaper picker
  • Shelf UX improvements: Long press boards to rearrange or remove
  • General system performance improvement
  • Settings changes: New (native Android) app permissions, new Alert Slider settings with more customization options
  • New apps: OnePlus Music Player, OnePlus Gallery
  • Implemented October Android security patches
  • Gesture optimisations
  • General bug fixes

It’s an incremental rollout, so you may not get the update immediately. Just stay patient and you’ll eventually get the sweet Marshmallow goodness. Let us know when you do!

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