OnePlus Gear launching bags and t-shirts November 3

If you’re a fan of OnePlus, the company would like you to know that you’ll soon be able to express that love with brand new gear.

OnePlus Gear launches tomorrow, November 3, with OnePlus-branded bags and t-shirts up for sale. Some of these products have sold well at OnePlus pop-up stores, and now there will be a full line of products that customers can buy if they want to show off their OnePlus love.

There will be a OnePlus Travel Backpack, a canvas OnePlus Travel Messenger Bag, and a leather OnePlus Messenger Bag available. There will also be t-shirts with OnePlus marketing lines like “Never Settle” and “Dash Charge”.

OnePlus is hosting a 24-hour long sale that begins at 11:00 am CET/6:00am ET on November 3.

OnePlus didn’t divulge pricing just yet, but the wait to find out isn’t long from now. Do you plan on picking anything up?

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