NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet and Portable will be updated to Android 5.1 soon

While the NVIDIA SHIELD garnering the most excitement right now is the console due out next month, NVIDIA is continuing to kill it with support of the SHIELD Tablet and Portable.

SHIELD Tablet is second only to Nexus tablets as far as update speed, and it will continue that track record with its Android 5.1 update, according to an NVIDIA forum administrator.


SHIELD Portable, on the other hand, has fallen slightly behind. It’s still running Android 4.4, but considering how centered around the gaming experience that device is, SHIELD Portable owners shouldn’t be too put out. At least I can say that I haven’t been pining for a Lollipop update on my SHIELD Portable. Regardless of whether it was a concern or not, though, another NVIDIA forum admin chimed in with the cheerful news that the SHIELD Portable will be jumping straight to Android 5.1 sometime in the next few weeks.

Again, with the NVIDIA SHIELD console arriving next month, it is encouraging to see NVIDIA still putting serious effort into the rest of the SHIELD line. We also still anticipate a follow-up to the SHIELD Portable sometime this summer, as NVIDIA has been adamant in the past that they weren’t giving up on that form factor.

Do any of you own SHIELD devices currently? And are you considering ordering the new SHIELD next month?

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