Nova Launcher 4 released with full Material Design makeover

If you’re a fan of Nova Launcher and haven’t been testing the beta of the app, you’re going to love this. The developer of Nova Launcher has been working on an entirely new version of the app that’s completely redesigned with Material Design, and the betas have been fantastic. But today he has released the final version to everyone, going from the five-month-old version 3.3 to the fresh 4.0.

The list of changes is massive, and there’s a bunch of good stuff in there. Besides the obvious Material Design visuals with new animations and layouts, there’s also the new Google Search overlay feature and a new desktop page editor similar to the stock Lollipop launcher.

If you want to get this update, open the Play Store on your device or hit the source link! Unfortunately, Android 4.0 ICS support has been dropped so you’ll need to be on 4.1 or higher. Play around with it and let us know what you think!

Full changelog:

  • Full Material Design
  • Google Search from the search bar shows as an overlay
  • Edit Shortcut dialog, and quick menu, tinted based on colors of the icon
  • New icon
  • New Nova Action icons
  • Rebased on top of Launcher3
  • Individual icon layout settings (size, font, etc) in Desktop, Drawer, Dock, Folder
  • Max icon size boosted to 150%
  • Widget Search
  • Circular App animations (Settings > Look and Feel > App Animation > Circle)
  • Pull to search (pull down in the drawer to open app or widget search)
  • Widgets given their own drawer, removed from App Drawer
  • Ability to change Page Indicator color
  • Drawer Tab Bar completely optional
  • Support for Android for Work managed profiles (Lollipop)
  • Workaround Expand Notifications Nova Action not working on Samsung Lollipop
  • Requires Android 4.1 or higher (Dropped support for Android 4.0 ICS)
  • Unlimited desktop pages (previously limited to 9)
  • Add/remove of desktop pages by dropping icons on the blank page, or removing all icons from a page
  • Add blank desktop pages (for gestures or live wallpapers) from overview
  • Improved bulk edit of folders (Folder > Menu > Select Apps)
  • Added shadows to unread badges
  • Unread Badge size scales with icon size
  • Allow reordering drawer folders by drag/drop within window
  • Added Roboto-Medium font option
  • Improve handling of apps installed to sdcard

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