Nokia denies reports that it will resume making phones

Last week, a rumor suggested that Nokia might release a new smartphone in 2016, once its deal with Microsoft allows it to launch phones with the Nokia name once again. Fast-forward to today and Nokia has responded to the reports that it’s going to reenter the handset biz.

Nokia today released a statement saying that it “currently has n plans to manufacture or sell consumer handsets.” That’s pretty clear, but Nokia drove its point home further, saying that reports claiming that it’s going to make phones in a facility in China are false and that these rumors contain comments that are wrongly attributed to a Nokia Networks executive.

Looks like Nokia won’t be crafting its own smartphones again any time soon. However, the company could opt to license its patents and name to another company and have it make and sell a new phone, sort of like it’s currently doing with the Android-powered Nokia N1 tablet. Nokia still has to honor its deal with Microsoft that prevents it from releasing a Nokia-branded phone until 2016, but once that part of the agreement is fulfilled, perhaps we’ll see a new phone on the market that bears Nokia’s name.

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