No Lock Home, or how to avoid the unlock screen at home


If you are an advanced Android user you’ll know what we are if we mention Xposed Installer . It is aframework that allows the loading of modules to modify behavior and aesthetic rooted your Android terminal.

Today we show a module that is in full development, known as No Lock Home and we will facilitate the use of terminal allowing us to jump us our unlock screen every time you turn on the terminal if we are in a familiar environment.

nolockhome1.jpgSure you get a large number of notifications on your terminal throughout the day and every time you turn it on you have to walk grappling with the unlock screen and the security system of your choice to protect your terminal.

With Home Lock No such security is disabled as long as we are in a familiar situation. To do this, we can pre-program the situation based on the Wi-fi, Bluetooth devices and even network nearest mobile phone.

If you are someone who has a wearable device or a handsfree car connected to the terminal can put the Bluetooth MAC thereof and only to walk away from your terminal (Bluetooth and lose coverage) the unlock security system is activated.

According to the developer module, moneytoo XDA-Developers , is compatible with devices 4.4.x although only been tested on Galaxy S5, LG G Pad 8.3 (stock), Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000. We’ve tested on a LG G2 and has worked flawlessly.


Today we have a trial version, version 0.3.5 , but is working to offer simple methods to recognize the MAC IDs Bluetooth devices and antennas from nearby mobile network in addition to implementing the Bluetooth 4.0 support.

It is a free version works with all unlock methods may disable or change the system by swiping the screen (no code) and promises to be causing wakelocks that your battery run out quickly.

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