NFC Mobile: how, when and why

Samsung NFC

NFC , which stands for Near Field Communication , which in Spanish means Near Field Communication is the name of a mobile technology that is experiencing a huge boom in recent years thanks to its versatility and utility.

The family of terminals Samsung Galaxy , at least the vast majority of their latest models, make use of NFC , which opens a world of advantages to its users to, for example, exchanging information with friends, identify, control the car and even make payments . Know a little operation.

What is NFC ?

Samsung NFC

NFC is a technology for wireless communication , which can compare with the Bluetooth or WiFi communication regarding utility on a cell phone, which was adopted as standard now exactly 10 years ago, in 2003 .

Anyway, it was not until a few years ago, in 2008 or so, when NFC has begun to take off, so shy but steady, and be present in both art terminals and facilities, public events and even commercial products.

Transmissions NFC operating in the band of 13.56 MHz and uses a performance similar to the labelsRFID used in transportation bond or security cards. Your data transfer rate reaches 424 kbit / s , making it ideal for connecting instantly, but not very heavy data sharing.

Samsung NFC

The more positive and remarkable point of NFC communication is unpaired , which allows us to transfer data with a simple gesture, without further steps. Yes, its scope has a maximum range of 20 cm , which necessarily must bring the phone to another data point NFC .

NFC can work in two ways: actively , generating its own electromagnetic field and exchanging data (case of Smartphone) and passively , using an outside electromagnetic field to exchange information (if the stickers).

We clarify that, although it seems otherwise, NFC is a means of secure wireless transmission: first, the reduced effective separation makes it very difficult for a third device can break the connection, on the other hand, transmissions can use encryption security such as SSL , so unless data travels between devices.

Practical uses of NFC

Samsung NFC

If you have a new Samsung Galaxy technology NFC and do not really know how you can harness its potential, then we reveal many of its most typical uses .

  • Mobile Payments

Today talking about NFC is practically make a mention of a form of mobile payment . Imagine the possibilities of associating your device with technology NFC to a bank account and use a simple gesture of your hand to make payments securely.

Unfortunately in Spain this type of use is not widespread as largely depends on the platform or establishment of payment as well as the number of terminals that use this technology available on the market, but it is certainly one of the options more used to the technology boom.

The good news is that, in recent years, large companies such as Vodafone, Visa or banks like Caja Rural de Navarra have made ​​investments and pilot tests to incorporate this technology into day-to-day economic many users.

Samsung NFC

  • Identification

Entering a great event, especially if technological nature should be from now matter of going through a reader NFC and go, without waiting queues or using more complex systems that make us show multiple identifications . It is one of its major uses. It can also be applied to other facilities such as a sports club or stadium.

Its use in ATMs for personal identification provides another very viable possibility in this kind of approach, because with a simple touch share, safely, our credentials to access our bank information.

  • Data Exchange

Another interesting use is to exchange data such as photographs, videos or other information with our friends and family with instant use of NFC with the simple gesture of bringing our phones.

We have to clarify that the exchange of information is not generally produced by NFC , this technology is often used as way to create a link via Bluetooth or WiFi Direct between the two devices.

Samsung NFC

  • Instant synchronization of devices

Similar to the exchange of data and identification is the use of instant match between a device NFCand, for example, your car with integrated support for NFC , or your new speakers with NFC .

In the car we can activate handsfree simply closer to the reader, the car makes the link for us. In a speaker would be done exactly the same procedure, and our speaker can receive music through Bluetooth transmission.

When did we use?

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

It’s a question that takes responding throughout the article, but let’s dig in his response: NFC is a technology that can be used today by Samsung, thanks to the family of Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

Specifically, the majority of terminals Galaxy family, such as the Samsung Galaxy SII and variants, Galaxy SIII , Galaxy S4 and variants, and several family members Samsung Galaxy Note , as the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 , equipped with NFC . It is an indispensable technology now in every new terminal launching Samsung.

In particular, is expected to use regularly is reached between 2015 and 2020, though, thanks to Samsung can enjoy from now this interesting way to share data, so do not expect years now enjoying your Samsung Galaxy with NFC .

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