Nexus and Android One devices getting native spam call protection

Spam calls have been a problem for decades, and there’s not much we can do about them. Do not call lists are helpful, but they’re far from foolproof. Lately they almost seem useless. However, Google is adding another layer of protection to Nexus and Android One devices.

The Google Phone app is being updated starting today, adding spam call warnings. The call screen turns red and warns you that the call might be spam, and if it didn’t catch it, you can block the number and mark it as spam in the recent call list.

When you do get this feature, remember that it isn’t foolproof. Sometimes it won’t catch spam calls, and sometimes it’ll mark legitimate calls as spam. But it’s a big step forward, so definitely take advantage of it once you receive the update. And if you don’t own a device that’s getting this feature, there’s always apps like Truecaller. Hopefully Google will expand this feature to all devices with the AOSP dialer.

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