Nexus 6, comparative: how is placed between the range of Android phablets?

Motorola Nexus6

It was an open secret that has finally unveiled along with all the most important developments for the Android platform this 2014. Google completes the Nexus range with a phablet under the seal of Motorola , a terminal that will not leave anyone indifferent and , predictably, keep the numbering according to the diagonal of the screen.

The Nexus 6 we have known today honors the announcement that Google showed yesterday : “all kinds of devices for all kinds of people” ; it comes to fill a gap that had left the Nexus range desert, also one as important as the successful phablets .

It will compete directly with the biggest terminals Android catalog, and do so without complex, with more powerful hardware available today but forgetting one of the most important points of a large screen diagonal: its enormous functionality when to take advantage of a stylus.

Motorola Nexus6 2

Head to head on paper specs

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