New version of Qi to deliver 15 watts of wireless power

We all know the ups and downs of wireless charging. It’s an awesome technology that allows us to charge devices just by placing them on a special surface. Whether it’s our favorite home charger or the cubby inside of our Toyota (I love the inclusion of Qi chargers in cars), it’s so useful and easy.

However, there is a big downside: the charging rate is slower than a standard 2A charger that comes with most modern devices. New devices even come with support for Quick Charging, which charge at an incredible rate. But the latest standard of Qi charging should bring it in line with modern wired chargers.

The latest standard will charge at 15W, which is 3 amps at the standard 5V. This should charge your device to 60 percent in just half an hour, which puts it in line with Qualcomm Quick Charge’s claims. That’s pretty amazing and should really boost the user base of Qi wireless charging. What do you think? Will you get a wireless charger if it can charge this fast?

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