New Nexus phones tipped to have fingerprint reader gesture for opening notification shade

The 2016 Nexus leaks continue to flow tonight with a new report regarding a software feature that may be included with both phones.

According to the folks at Android Police, Google is planning to give its new Nexuses a swipe gesture that’ll let you quickly access your notification shade. This gesture will be performed with a swipe down on the fingerprint reader, which is expected to be included on the back of the phone. For a look at what the new Nexus phones may look like, check out these leaked renders.

Today’s leak also appears to include a toggle so that you can disable this swipe gesture if you don’t want it.


This could end up being a pretty nifty feature if it is included with Google’s 2016 Nexus phones. While pulling down your notification shade may not take a ton of effort, some folks have to really stretch their thumbs to reach up to the top of their phone’s screen and pull the shade down with one hand. This fingerprint reader gesture will make accessing the notification shade easier, as you’ll just have to place your finger on the back of the phone, which probably isn’t too far from where it normally rests when you’re holding the device.

Also of note is that today’s leak includes those refreshed on-screen navigation buttons that we first saw in June, though the blue and green dots on the sides of the home button appear to have glitched. Additionally, the tip shows a device with a blue back, which is said to be the Electric Blue version of the new Nexuses that we’ve previously heard about.

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