Need a Father’s Day gift in a pinch? We have you covered

Father’s Day is just a few days away. Did you forget? How could you? It’s in your calendars, on your favorite news sites, it’s everywhere. Shame on you! But don’t you worry. If you need a gift real quick, we can help. Here’s a list of nice gift ideas for those of you who need the gifts shipped ASAP.

Of course, you can always head to a store to pick one of these gifts up. Just make sure it’s in stock before going out!

Quick Charge 2.0 accessories


Is your father the kind of guy who’s on his smartphone more than you are? We know how that feels. In that case, he’s probably always low on battery. Does he carry around multiple batteries, or maybe a battery pack? How about a quick charge accessory for him to use?

Many new devices with Snapdragon processors support Quick Charge 2.0, which can charge a device 75 percent faster than the standard 1 amp charger. These accessories come in the form of wall chargers, car chargers, and even battery packs. They’ll surely keep your father’s phone alive for him to text emojis to all of his friends. Head here to check out some budget Quick Charge 2.0 accessories!

Bluetooth speakers

Soundfreaq Pocket Kick 5

If your father is interested in music, a Bluetooth speaker makes for a great accessory. He can take his music anywhere and listen in great quality. A few of my favorite speakers are the Soundfreaq Pocket Kick that’s available on Amazon, as well as the G-Project G-DROP on Amazon. There are plenty of other speakers out there for less if you’re on a budget, like the Inateck BTSP-10P, so take a look at what’s available and how they’re rated! But if your father appreciates good audio, make sure to spend a little extra.


If you’re considering a smartwatch as a Father’s Day gift, let me be the first to say that your father is quite lucky and must be quite good at fathering. With Android Wear, you have plenty of options. There is the sexy Moto 360, the budget but high-quality LG G Watch, and the super high-end LG Watch Urbane, among others. Or, if he’s an iOS user, you could always go for the simple and easy to use option of the Pebble. It’s a classic.

Father can wait?

There are quite a few options that just can’t be purchased and shipped before Father’s Day. Whether this item is special order or rare, there are things that are just worth waiting for. Here is one of my favorites.

Soundfreaq Sound Rise Plaid Freaq

The Soundfreaq Sound Rise can be purchased on Amazon with quick shipping, but the special edition Plaid Freaq isn’t quite so easy. You can purchase it on the Soundfreaq site but it may not come in time. However, the plaid theme of the alarm clock is quite spiffy and just seems so… dad. I like it a lot, and your father may too. Plus, an alarm clock is something a person uses daily.

So there you have it, a quick little Father’s Day buying guide for the folks who forgot to buy a gift. Don’t worry, we won’t judge.

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