Multiple T-Mobile announcements expected this week, including hotspot allotment increases

This coming week is sure to be loaded with Apple news thanks to WWDC, but that doesn’t mean that there won’t be any goodies for the rest of us.

TmoNews has learned that T-Mobile is prepping several announcements for the next five days or so. According to the site’s source, June 8 will bring more invitations to T-Mobile’s Rhapsody UnRadio service. It’s unclear exactly how T-Mobile will decide who to invite, but those lucky folks that get a text from T-Mo will get a 30-day free trial to UnRadio. Once that trial is up, they’ll be able to subscribe for $4 per month.

A few days later on June 11, it’s said that T-Mobile is going to kick off a photography campaign that’ll include a web page dedicated to helping teach how to take good photos with your phone. T-Mo will also reportedly launch a photo contest on that same day.

Finally, the biggest news is expected to arrive on June 12. On that date, it’s said that T-Mobile will give Unlimited 4G LTE Simple Choice plan subscribers an extra 2GB of mobile hotspot data. Those customers will also reportedly no longer have their mobile hotspot service completely cut off once they use up their allotment. Instead, they’ll just have their speeds throttled to 128kbps.

It’s also said that T-Mobile is planning some additional announcements for later in June or sometime in July. The news may include the ability to use a mobile hotspot overseas with the Simple Global Data program, as well as some unspecified changes to grandfathered and legacy plans.

There are still some details of these announcements that need to be filled in, but thankfully that shouldn’t take long to happen since the news is likely coming this week. And hey, it’s exciting to hear that we’ll have some news to keep us from being totally inundated with Apple stuff in the coming days.

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