Mozilla Says ‘goodbye’ To Firefox OS Phones

Farewell, Firefox OS.
Mozilla announced this week that it will stop selling smartphones running version of its Firefox OS operating system.
Open software company said it failed to offer the best user experience, so he decided to stop selling their smartphones.

The Firefox OS was launched in 2013 as a commitment to Mozilla for placing a mobile operating system for smart phones midrange and low, offering an option for users to utilize a very light lightweight mobile platform and, since it was based on HTML protocols development.

However, despite work to establish Mozilla Firefox OS as an important operating system, the duopoly of the mobile market share for Apple iOS and Google Android, left little space for Firefox OS could flourish.

Firefox OS phones could not compare with an iPhone or a Galaxy S6 6S. Mozilla had contracts with manufacturers like ZTE Open and phones to market with lower prices to US $ 50 as the Ace which cost US $ 23.

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