Motorola resonates as the manufacturer of the next Nexus 5.9 inches with the name Shamu


Following tradition, in a few months we should confirm what would be the next Nexus , if it goes ahead as stated in the past Google I / O . While the specter of Google Silver remains very clearly, a perfect way to show interest in the Nexus range would present the successor of this line phone.

The manufacturer of the latest Nexus was LG, which has achieved remarkable results in terms of quality, but rumors suggest that would be. In case if true, would be Motorola , formerly owned by Google, who will manage the development of the telephone.

Shamu Motorola Nexus

The name alluding to reports is Shamu, that if they continued the tradition of using names of fish, would be the proper name given to the orcas of a chain of aquariums. The terminal already be in active development, but you are not quite sure of its final finishes.

It aims to be a phone 5.9 inch , near the size of the phablets, something along the lines of current research. Little else is said, so we’ll have to wait until autumn, season in which they announce the new Nexus and Android versions, to have final details of the new Nexus.

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