Mophie launches Juice Pack battery case for Google Pixel XL

The Google Pixel XL offers fast charging, but if you’d like to have your phone last longer without having to plug in, you may want to give Mophie’s new product a try.

Mophie today launched a new Juice Pack battery case for the Google Pixel XL. In exchange for $99.95, you can get a case that also includes a 2950mAh battery, which Mophie touts will extend your Pixel XL’s talk time to more than 50 hours.

In addition to a battery, Mophie’s case offers support for Qi and “other popular wireless charging systems”. And when you do plug the case in, the case will charge up your phone first, then charge battery pack. Other features of the case include the ability to turn the battery pack on and off on the case, a button to display battery levels and charge status. And, of course, it’ll protect your phone if you drop it.

The Pixel XL is one of the better Android phones currently on the market, so it’s good to see Mophie come out with a battery case for it. It might add some thickness to your Pixel XL, but if you want spend less time with your phone connected to a wall, then Mophie’s new Juice Pack is worth a look.

You can get the Juice Pack for the Pixel XL now from Mophie’s online store and in Verizon retail stores.

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