Meerkat announces open beta for Android

Meerkat, the quick success livestreaming platform, has announced an open beta for its Android app. After a sudden burst onto the scene last month, Meerkat has been quickly trying to develop a stable Android app, allowing it to have a broader user base. With Twitter’s competitor app Periscope quickly gaining traction, Meerkat needs to find a way to set itself apart. If it can get an Android app out before Periscope, it’ll have a clear advantage on the OS.

It’s easy enough to sign up, you can just follow the source link below for instructions, which involves putting a very small amount of information into a Google form. Beta testers will likely have automated crash reports sent to Meerkat, as well as being given plenty of opportunity to report bugs and the pros and cons of the app. If you’d like to get in on the action, follow the source link below.

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