Limited edition Android Live Cases are here, starting with a special Skrillex edition

Google has announced today a new series of accessories for Android devices being sold directly in the Google Store that take phone cases to an entirely new level. Limited edition Live Cases are here, and Skrillex is helping to launch them.

Priced at $40, Google’s Live Cases are phone cases made in collaboration with artists who want to bring something new to the normal, boring plastic shells we too frequently wrap our phones in. Available for the Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Note 4 in three different designs, each case comes with an embedded NFC chip that connects to your phone to unlock special content. The content includes a live wallpaper and “early access to a free OWSLA album from Google Play and Skrillex updates.”

Perhaps the coolest part about the case is that is also comes with “a shortcut button built-in on the Live Case gives you one-touch access to Skrillex’s music feed on YouTube. The button can also be customized to open your favorite apps, launch your phone camera or go to Skrillex’s website.” We should also mention the live wallpaper is no regular live wallpaper. It changes from day to night, and features photographs taken from a satellite launched by Skrillex himself, named after the artist’s dog. Once the satellite is done doing its thing, it will be autographed and sent to one lucky winner.

For $40, you get quite a lot. If nothing else, the customizable button and free album are worth it if you’re a fan of Skrillex. Who knows what other kind of custom content you’ll receive in the future, or what other kinds of Live Cases Google has in the works.





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