LG teases the leather body of the G4 in new video

LG has released a short new teaser highlighting the premium leather back of the upcoming G4. With the G4 shaping up to be one of the year’s hottest flagships, LG is doing all that it can to build hype around the device. For several weeks now, we’ve been treated to small official hints and teasers about the G4 that have been accompanied by a veritable flood of leaks, including one that revealed nearly everything about the device, including its vegetable-tanned leather back.

The new teaser video doesn’t reveal anything new, but continues to emphasize the care and attention that LG has given to the G4, particularly in regards to its design. While the phone is set to wow us in several areas, the design looks to be a stunner. We’ll know all the official details on April 28, but while you wait you can check out this huge leak that gave away most of the specs.

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