LG shows off more features of the G4′s UX 4.0 software

A couple of weeks after LG gave us our first preview of the UX 4.0 that’ll be on the LG G4, the company is showing its custom Android interface off again.

A new LG UX 4.0 teaser video was posted today by LG’s global mobile team. The video highlights four features of UX 4.0:

  • Quick Shot: Double tap the rear-mounted volume down button to instantly take a photo, even if the screen is locked.
  • Gesture Interval Shot: With the front-facing camera activated, make a fist twice and the camera will take four selfies that you can then review and save.
  • Ringtone ID: Create a special ringtone for your favorite contacts so that you can identify them when they call without looking at the phone’s screen.
  • Quick Memo+: Strip out the ads and other extraneous details of a web page, then easily save whatever portion that you’d like.

It’s looking like LG is loading UX 4.0 up with a ton of custom features, especially ones that involve the G4’s 16-megapixel camera and its f/1.8 aperture. And because the narrator of this video says that “LG put a lot of work into the camera features in UX 4.0,” we’d be willing to bet that LG will have even more software features to show off on April 28. Until then, we’re sure that LG will have another G4 teaser or two to share.

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