LG offering G4 leather backs as a BOGO deal

LG is launching the G4 in the US and bringing a solid BOGO deal alongside it. For customers interested in getting a leather back alongside their new G4, they can now score two leather backs for the price of one. Normally priced at $69.99 a piece, LG is offering customers who pre-order the backs to get a second leather cover for free. While the carrier-exclusive color options aren’t available, you can still choose from orange, pink, red, sky blue or yellow to get the right color.

LG is hosting the promo through June 30, but the first shipments of leather backs should begin going out on June 26. If you’re looking to get a G4, this deal is definitely one to take advantage of. If you get a leather G4, you could use this deal to have three different leather backs to choose from. Or you could get a plastic G4 and switch out the material for different occasions.

Follow the source link below to order your own.

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