LG G5: New Data On Its Specifications And Release Date

Will it be able to present a LG phone re-conquer his followers as they have done throughout their generations G2, G3, G4? The information comes with a dropper as to address precisely this, but this is all we know so far.


LG G5: Design
The new flagship of LG could have a metal body. LG so far refused to leave the plastic in their flagships. It would be the first time that the Korean company will use this material to a device (although we saw glimpses metal at the edges of the brand new V10). If true the rumor is more than likely that the G5 is also unibody, which makes the removable battery on an object in real danger of extinction. It seems the design also will move away from the three generations of the series G.

Perhaps the LG G4 disappoint many on design issues, but if there is something he can not be criticized for LG is that it was, like many of its competitors, continuity or little innovative. Of course the last three models in its line G have followed a line of design, but each of the models presented an innovation over its predecessor, in addition to having had aspects hailed by his followers as the removable battery or button rear.


Precisely the back button is one of the aspects that most likely will continue in the next flagship of the company, due to its high functionality and has given good results in the last three models. We also expect to see a slightly curved screen seal South Korean manufacturer.

LG G5: Technical Specifications
New information has appeared in Weibo (via PhoneArena) through user Zealer. It explained that the next LG flagship will feature a 5.6-inch screen qHD resolution.

The main camera could have, according to this new information, a maximum resolution of 21 megapixels, while the front sensor could be 8 megapixels.

It has also released information about your processor, as expected, it would, according to these new data, a Snadragon 820 quad-core Adreno 530 GPU.

LG G5: Special Functions
The rumor that has had the greatest impact first appeared in WhoWiredWho through a local report, and talk that LG would include in its next G5 iris scanner on your new phone. The manufacturer might have been working with biometrics company Irience to have this functionality list in the first half of 2016, at which time it would be released on LG G5.

LG has always tried to differentiate themselves from the competition by offering some innovative feature that separates terminals what other competitors are doing. 2016 could be a iris scanner and not a fingerprint. An interesting decision at a time where the fingerprint reader is becoming the standard of high-end, and is even imported into the midrange, as in the case of the Sony Xperia Z5 Compact.

LG G5: Launch and price
You’d get to see this phone in the spring of 2016, as its predecessor appeared in April 2015. However, according to SlashGear, the next flagship of LG could appear in the Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona, ​​which means we could see the end of February.

LG G5: What we would like to see
A good battery is not much to ask

As already mentioned, the LG G2 continues today doing better battery than the current LG G4. Specifications and innovations that can bring the LG G5 will be useless if it is unable to bring a battery up. It is unacceptable that many models that have come out in 2015 to bring batteries worse than those seen in its predecessors, so we expect this trend ends next year and that is this phone which marks the beginning of a new era of improved batteries ( nonremovable?)

No more leather Thanks

We could make a long list of how we wanted to be the next LG design, but the truth is that there are especially one that hope fulfilled anything but leather. I do not know who came up with the idea that the leather was an acceptable material that cover a smartphone, but the truth is that it is not. It does not work and is appalling. And for that matter, LG, plastic can also be saved for other phones that do not cost € 600.

Again, an outstanding camera

It is difficult to understand how great it is the house of LG G4 until it is tested. If someone would have to predict which manufacturer would be able to bring the best camera on your phone star this year, probably they would have chosen many companies like Sony or Samsung. But the truth is that LG has left everyone with an open mouth with the results of its flagship camera this year. The stakes are high but we expect to see an equally good camera in LG G5.
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