LG G5: Analysis

LG G5: modular design and removable battery make it one of the best, not the best.

LG G5 is a breath of fresh air in a market where it is increasingly difficult to innovate and differentiate. It is the first time that a company manages to integrate a removable battery in a virtually closed and composed mainly of metal, at a time where other competitors design simply decide to sacrifice the removable battery.

In addition, its modular design opens the way to modular cell that has been waiting for and we are still waiting with projects like Google called Project Ara.

However, exchange or add new parts to your G5 is a process that requires power cycle the cell and is difficult to avoid the feeling that somewhere will break to remove the battery of each module. In addition, at this time there many modules as to make this modular design is the main reason to buy it, unless you want a removable battery.

In such a saturated market, the LG G5 achieves differentiate by offering a modular design with a removable battery and dual rear camera that is a pleasure to use, and offers one of the best performances in the market.

However, LG cell G5 does not achieve long battery life and water resistance of the Samsung Galaxy Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge, or manages design look or feel as luxurious as those cell. It also fails to be as economical as the Nexus OnePlus 6P or 3, but its removable battery is a distinguishing feature that is hard to find in this kind of cell.

This means that the G5 LG is not the best phone for everyone, but it is definitely the best phone with removable battery that is available and what it offers is enough to meet the daily use of most people.


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