Leaked images of ASUS ZenWatch 3 show off round body

The FCC filing for the ASUS ZenWatch 3 has already shown us that the device will feature a round display, thanks to the round label in the filing. Unfortunately, the filing was lacking in photos, which is probably what ASUS wanted.

Fortunately for us, TENAA (the Chinese FCC) was not so secretive, and we now have photos of the ZenWatch 3. The round display is indeed real, and the design is very traditional and classy.It has three buttons on the side, a multi-color metal design, and two pins on the back for charging.

Unfortunately, it does seem that ASUS moved away from the ZenWatch being a thin smartwatch. The last two models were quite thin, which I know a lot of people preferred. This will be just another round and thick smartwatch, something that doesn’t tend to stand out in the market.

What do you guys think of the upcoming ZenWatch 3? Is it an improvement over last year’s design, or does it now look generic? Leave a comment!

ASUS ZenWatch 3 leak 1
ASUS ZenWatch 3 leak 2
ASUS ZenWatch 3 leak 3
ASUS ZenWatch 3 leak 4
ASUS ZenWatch 3 leak 5

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