Leak: all-metal 2016 Moto X to feature flat tire camera module design

Motorola’s Moto X lineup usually doesn’t get refreshed until early fall, but a new leak claims to show off the design of the 4th generation Moto X. The full image shows that the device keeps the basic outline of the Moto X intact, but the back of the phone appears to be wrapped in metal, a far cry from the customizable wood, leather and polycarbonate finishes that we’ve seen on the Moto X in the past. The design of the camera is changing as well, lending homage to the Moto 360′s flat tire by incorporating the dual LED flash into the bottom portion of its elevated, circular module.

Since we’re six to eight months out from the unveiling of 2016 Moto X lineup, the design shown in the image will likely be a different than what we see in the final product. Quite a few people will be glad to see that Motorola is considering an all-metal design for its flagship phone, but there will certainly be a lot of outcry from devoted Motorola fans if they choose to do away with Moto Maker and the hundreds of customization options that are currently available.


If the leaked image is real, do you think Motorola’s design team is on the right track?

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