Instagram rolling out Hashtag and Location Stories

Stories are an important part of Instagram‘s experience, with semi-regular updates that bring in new features. Now there’s even more to experience.

Instagram today announced that there are two new Explore categories within the Stories feature: hashtag and location. These two new features will let Instagram users search for what they want to see based on a hashtag, or if they want to check out pictures from a certain spot on the globe, they can just type in a location and go from there. These new sections will bring up photos and videos.

For users that want to use hashtag stickers and location tags in their own Stories, they could be added to the “larger story,” so you could get your own video or photo witnessed by millions of users. However, Instagram has made it possible to keep your story out of the mix by tapping the “X” on your stories viewer list.

The latest update to Instagram is rolling out now.

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