Instagram bringing multiple account support to Android

While many of us struggle to maintain even a single Instagram account, there are those that, either due to work or a pure love of filtered photos, need to manage several Instagram accounts at once. In the past, that has meant either questionably functional workarounds or constantly signing out and back in under your various accounts. Now Instagram has finally taken pity on diehard Instagram fans of the Android world and is introducing support for multiple accounts in the native app.

You will add the new accounts by taking a look at the Settings screen and scrolling all the way to the bottom, where you will find the appropriately named “Add Account”, and off you go. Once you have multiple accounts running, you can switch between them quickly by just tapping on your username in the upper-left corner of the profile screen.

As is so often the case with these things, it is a staged roll out, and some that were seeing the feature earlier today have indicated that it has already vanished, so it’s possible that Instagram didn’t quite intend for this to slip out yet. Whatever the case the implementation seemed too clean to be a complete whoops on their part so rest assured it will make its way to all soon enough and you can return to building your social media empire more efficiently than ever before.

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