Inbox by Gmail adds new features and collaborations for improved organization

Today’s intake of information is enormous, and it continues to grow, making it a necessity to organize and streamline whenever possible. Email is one of those areas, and Google has been taking organization further with Inbox by Gmail, its email app that drives productivity for Gmail users. Inbox launched with a different design and the key feature of bundling emails. Since then, the productivity features have increased, allowing Inbox to plan your trip itineraries, set automatic reminders, and even come up with starter replies.

Google is continuing to build Inbox, and the latest update brings in even more functionality. Google collaborated with Trello and Github to integrate their services into Inbox notifications. For example, Trello users will see a summary of what’s new with their Trello projects when they open Inbox, similar to the way in which Quora users get a summary of the latest Quora digest within Inbox.

Inbox Update

Google Alerts is also joining hands with Inbox. All Alerts will be summarized and users can scroll through brief snippets, choosing a specific one if they’re interested in seeing more.

The update brings in a handful of other features, including the ability to add Google Drive links to emails and easier ways to delete emails, rather than marking them as done. Google has also put out the bat signal for other companies that frequently send emails, urging these companies to get in touch to collaborate on how they can work together with Inbox to create a better email system. Inbox is already a great productivity tool, and by the looks of things, it’ll become even better as time goes on.

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