HTC Vive launch delayed till April, second gen Developer Kit scheduled for CES unveiling

HTC is officially pulling the plug on its 2015 launch of the HTC Vive, pushing the date back until April of 2016. HTC isn’t giving any reason for the delay, but the update on the VR headset’s availability was also accompanied by news that a second generation HTC Vive Developer Kit will be unveiled at CES next month. We’re not sure what changes HTC has in store for the hardware, but we’re going to assume that it will look a little closer to the final retail version that will be sold to consumers in April. HTC is also planning to seed an additional 7,000 Developer Kits in January, giving more developers the opportunity to work on virtual reality content that’s geared specifically for the Vive and its custom tracking technology.

Development of the final hardware may be taking longer than expected, but that may not be the only reason for the delay. While there are dozens of different demos that are currently being used to show off the HTC Vive experience, the delay may be a strategic play to ensure that there is enough quality content available to make the Vive a compelling platform for first adopters.

Are you saving up to buy the HTC Vive when it’s finally available in April?

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