HTC Unbricking, how to recover our HTC Sensation from the dead

When we update our Android officially or flashing a ROM , we risk if we run out battery at that time, the light will go or, finally, something goes wrong and our smartphone or tablet becomes a lovely paperweight design. Not very likely, it’s actually quite complicated, but the possibility continues to be on the table.

If we turned our HTC Sensation in a nice brick, now thanks to the community of developers we can revive it home from the dead thanks to a utility that will allow us to work again. The tool is particularly simple to use but with a little patience can be achieved.

This tool, named HTC Unbricking Project , will only work on those HTC Sensation have been rendered useless by damaging the hboot via an update OTA or an interrupted or the wrote a security flag 3 with a flashing hboot unsigned. If crashed otherwise this application will not work

The recovery process is not particularly complex but will require that we have a series of notions of Linux. In the post of XDA you can see the full instructions in the second post of the thread. It is not a difficult process, again, and soon we follow the steps to achieve exactly recover our HTC Sensation.

This application, HTC Unbricking Project, is also available for other models of HTC . However, the rest of compatible smartphones are American models, at least in Spain, have not come but if you are curious we leave you with the full list: HTC Amaze 4G, HTC EVO 3D ( CDMA and GSM ), HTCmyTouch 4G Slide and HTC Vivid.

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