HTC Re gets a 60% discount, all HTC accessories are 40% off

With 10 days to go before Christmas, HTC is offering a 60% discount on the HTC Re. The GoPro competitor features a 16-megapixel imaging sensor paired with a 146 degree wide-angle lens, 1080p video capture, 80 frames per second slow motion video and time lapse functionality. For just $79.60, the HTC Re could be the perfect stocking stuffer this year. For those who already own HTC devices, all HTC accessories are 40% off. We recommend checking HTC’s Dot View cases or the Magic Case for the Nexus 9.

If a new smartphone is what you’re looking for, the HTC One A9 trade-in promotion is still available. HTC is offering up to $500 in trade-in credit towards the HTC One A9 if you turn in qualifying iPhone. You can also get credit for turning in select Android phones, but the offer certainly isn’t as good.

The HTC Re and accessory Hot Deals expire at midnight PST, but you’ll have until early January to take advantage of the HTC One A9 deal.

Happy shopping!

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